. YATS Consulting
Curriculum Vitae

Search engines, integration of news feeds:
  • integrating, more than 30 different sources and 10 000 news per day, with heterogeneous contents and formats (HTML, XML, email, ftp pull, ftp push, etc ... ),
  • including : REUTERS, DowJones NewsWire, CompanyNews, PRLine, AFP, ... internet sites: Firstinvest, boursier.com, smallcaps, Newsinvest, Square Finance, Trading Central, CercleFinance, CacTrading, Le Revenu, \u2026) specific sources,
  • merging into a single and homogenous feed, including codes, name, date/hour, URL, text, categories (news, opinion, country, sector, ....),
  • dispatching in real time in various formats : WEB/HTML, WAP/WML, email, ftp, ... with real time alerts via e-mail, mobile,
  • integrating with online payment and billing system.
    News integration and dispatching for FIMATEX All components are developed by YATS, including search autonomous agents, data bases, mini sites for Dowjones, SG Faxes, AOF, Reuters, opinions pages, specific extractions in XML, ... Worked continuously 24/7 for more that 4 years without any interruption of service.
    Front Office Information System Architectures interfacing with PATIO of ACTIO/FINANCE and ATOS brokerage plateforms.
    Automated opinions on stocks, analyzing informal opinion on the WEB
    using natural language processing to derive quantitative opinions, consensus and divergences.
    Extension to automatic market sentiment, events detection (merger,...)

    Automated opinions user interface

    Real time Quotes Feed integration (GL Trade, Reuters): for France, Europe and US markets.

    Interactive technical analysis charting : both in appplets and server generated images.

    Derivatives : search engine on warrants : sources included Société Générale, Citibank, BNP, Crédit Lyonnais, Commerzbank, Dresdner,
    pricer with methods based on Black&Scholes, binomial, and GARCH volatility models
    Mutual fund search engine (on S&P Micropal and FININFO/Euro Performance data)

    Asset allocation and customer profiling tool

    Fundamentals Screening with Jacques CHAHINE Finance, FININFO, COFISEM,

    Expert Market place (specification and design)

    Interactive and Collaborative portal for finance community (using Apache/Jetspeed).
    Main References :
  • FIMATEX from December 1998 to mid-2003
  • FIDEURAM- WARGNY : from June 1999 to mid 2002.
  • BlueBourse: from 2000/2001.
  • See also presentation of YATS (1998)